From Chaos and Crisis to Personal Power and Connection

“We are in a whole-system transition, one of the greatest and most vulnerable, volatile times in human history. It is a breakdown to break through.”  – Jean Houston

Are you feeling as though nothing is certain anymore?

Are you experiencing increased anxiety, difficulties as a parent or partner and struggles with your work? 

Many of us are. The things we used to count on are gone and new ones have not yet arrived. If it seems that we are in the midst of a vast transformation, we are. How we feel personally, the structure and needs of our families and the ways we conduct business are all changing.

Business, education, health care, relationships, government, even our own consciousness is shifting. The foundations of our society, our culture, are being shaken to their core. The old forms are breaking down. We are living through a momentous transition… economically, culturally, spiritually. Something new is emerging.

The latest science of chaos tells us there is an underlying order to the universe. The chaos we are experiencing is actually a potential gateway to quantum leaps in what is possible for us as humans.

A lot is being expressed right now about this time of fear and confusion, this transition. What is missing from this dialog is a toolbox, specific processes and practices that are needed to navigate through these turbulent times.

We now know the simple, yet revolutionary, tools to help you find your individual voice, your own Source, and begin to discover new and potent personal, social, political, psychological, and spiritual forms. These science-backed tools help create a new life for yourself and help you make meaningful contributions to your family, business and your community.

The first step is to slow down, take a pause. Look around. Just be curious and notice.

With this pause comes awareness. Awareness of “what is.” In this time, you are just noticing, not judging or needing to change anything. “Notice what you notice.”

Within this awareness, you can separate from the “soup,” the chaos, the negative voices, the pressure. What is, just is.

This temporary separation allows you to view things differently. You are no longer on automatic pilot. You now have choice.

From here you can have more compassion and actively engage with what is trying to emerge within you.

Here is the place to begin (or continue) your inner work. This requires that you take some time to withdraw from the everyday business of life and look at old patterns, old stories, old messages and ways of being that no longer serve you.

The latest research from such fields as epigenetics, neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, and mindfulness all reveal that we need three things in order to create the needed shifts.

  1. Safety–We need to experience deeper and deeper levels of safety. This is more than being physically safe. It is a deep sense of, “Who I am is good enough. What I bring is valuable. All of me is welcome here.”
  2. Experience of the Authentic Self–As we feel genuinely safe, we can begin to discover our hidden gifts, who we truly are.
  3. Being Witnessed–The third, and vitally important part, is to have our stories, our offerings, our gifts be truly seen by someone who cares.

In this place of “the pause,” a time of going within, we begin to recognize the vastness of our true gifts, our authentic power. From these moments of stillness, we find the gold nuggets long hidden beneath the surface, now ready to emerge. We begin to step beyond our personal drama into new possibilities.

These forgotten and neglected gifts are needed now more than ever: Receptivity, intuition, empathy, relational thinking, honoring, supporting, taking action, differentiation.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my calling?
  • What is struggling to emerge within me?
  • What is possible for my future and the future of my family, my community, my profession and the planet?
  • What is my contribution to the great world that is emerging?

Your new calling does not come from pushing yourself or thinking, “this is what I should do.” Your new calling comes from deep inside the heart, not the head. It is a calling, sometimes felt as a strange nudge, a push or a niggling idea.

This feeling, this push, is something we must embrace with curiosity, a large “wonderment.” Simply sitting with and noticing possibility without blocking it with old thoughts.  Being open and curious, allow yourself to wonder what it would be like to take a tiny step toward exploring a possibility. This is not a full-fledged leap. It is not jumping off the high dive into a strange pool of water. It is standing at the water’s edge and, when the curiosity beckons, simply taking off your shoes and putting your toes in the water. Then only moving forward as it feels right, staying in touch with the invitation you are feeling.

Partnering with others of like minds, helps us give birth to each other’s and our own gifts and full potential, co-creating the new reality.

This is the time to deeply listen to your calling, find understanding and empathy for yourself. To do all of this you will need personal support and meaningful connections. With this comes the capacity to recreate your world and step into the vast possibilities that await.

There is no clear operating manual for this new time. We do know, however, that this new world is based on love. Being in partnership with other seekers, activated by spirit, we awaken the heart to express our uniqueness and our creativity. We become co-creative in finding our love, our passion, our gifts. In this we step into and own our full power and our unique gifts.

This is how, together, we create a new existence for ourselves, our families, our businesses and our world.

“We are ready to uncover our depths and have the courage to cleanse, purify, prepare our souls for the difficult task of becoming an instrument through which the Source may play it’s great music in this time and space. These are the times. We are the people.” – Jean Houston

This article was written by Marti Glenn, Ph.D., Ryzio Clinical Director