Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Ok, so tell me about the Ryzio program.

The Ryzio Institute program begins with a 7-day intensive retreat, followed by an 8-week program that is delivered remotely. Ryzio is designed for individuals seeking more satisfaction in their work, relationships, and lives.

Who are your typical clients?

We asked Ryzio’s founders, who have been leading similar programs for decades: “We can honestly say we have people of all ages and all walks of life, both male and female. From athletes to entrepreneurs, from corporate executives to life coaches, and from emergency care professionals to actors and entertainers, the program is for anyone who wants more in life and is motivated to change.”

And what does it cost?

The Ryzio program costs $9,500 and includes both the intensive retreat and the remote program. The price includes all retreat activities, specifically:

  • Transportation to and from Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix
  • Your private hotel room at our luxury “dude ranch” hotel facility
  • All meals and snacks
  • Seven days of group and individual sessions and all retreat activities

The remote program component provides an additional 8 weeks of support, including individual and group sessions and weekly support materials.

NOTE: You may arrange discounted rates with the Ranch, should you wish to spend additional nights there before/after the retreat portion of the program. Many of our clients have enjoyed taking advantage of the beautiful golf course, full-service spa, horseback riding, hiking trails and nature walks.

What does “retreat” mean? Where does it take place?

The Ryzio Retreat is a temporary step back from the demands of the world. We help you use that time to take a look at some aspects of your life that you may not have been able to successfully address thus far. We do this in a luxury resort in Wickenburg, Arizona, an hour northwest of Phoenix. Your private room, all meals and snacks, and transportation from Sky Harbor International Airport as well as the eight-week follow-up program are included in the cost.

You said food is included at the retreat—will they accommodate my diet?

Our food, provided by the ranch’s upscale restaurant, is healthy and delicious without being restrictive. We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. Fruit, drinks, coffee and light snacks are always available.

What are the retreat accommodations like?

Rancho de los Caballeros is a four-star “dude ranch” in the desert foothills of Wickenburg, Arizona. The rooms are well-appointed with a Southwestern feel. They have calming desert views, porches, refrigerators, microwaves and free wi-fi. Besides the rambling lobbies and dining areas, there’s a pool and spa, large horse stables and other dude ranch amenities. More on the ranch is available here.

The Retreat Sessions

On a typical day, what will happen?

Each day begins with optional activities like yoga, meditation, or a walk, and then a healthy breakfast.

We meet at 9 a.m. in the Large Group with all retreat participants and staff members present. On most days, you’ll have a session with your personal coach and one or two sessions in your Small Group. You will have some time to focus on processes that are specifically designed for you. There are breaks, and of course, a delicious and healthy lunch and dinner.

Does Ryzio have a particular approach?

Ryzio’s approach is based on the latest research breakthroughs in neuroscience, mindfulness, attachment and trauma, together with traditional and leading-edge practices provided by skilled professionals. We use science-based experiential and applied methods. You will learn why it may be difficult sometimes to take risks, or why you become anxious or lose your temper. You’ll gain tools to help you be more successful in every area of your life and create more meaningful relationships.

Where can I read more about this?

Here’s an overview of our philosophy from our founders, Ken Bruer and Dr. Marti Glenn. Then try this article and this article, to start. You can also listen to a podcast from Dr. Glenn here.

Anything else I should know?

Ryzio emphasizes self-awareness and self-care. We do not take away your devices. The environment is structured—we’re not here to waste your time or your money—but entirely relaxed, mutually supportive, engaging and often fun. Our approach is extremely client-centered.

What is Ryzio Institute exactly? Who are the founders?

Ryzio is new. Its founders, Ken Bruer and Dr. Marti Glenn, have run life-changing retreats for decades. Our goal is what it always has been: To help our clients bridge the gap between “Mindfulness” – achieving better control and understanding of mind and emotions – and “Fulfillment” – in  personal relationships, in professional relationships and in life.

The Rest

How far away is the airport?

We pick you up at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. It’s about an hour by van, a little longer at evening rush hour.

What do we do at night?

Our retreats are intensive. There are sessions each evening, though of course there are dinner and snack breaks. But it is not exhaustive. During the day our participants have extended breaks to focus on their goals and experiences. There’s also limited discretionary time to enjoy the facilities.

How many people attend each session?

We have a maximum of 24 clients. Up to nine coaches are on hand for a full session. We maintain a client-to-coach ratio of three to one to ensure that everyone has plenty of individual time with his or her personal coach on a daily basis.

Are computers, tablets and smartphones allowed?

Of course, though they are not used during the retreat sessions. At the retreat you will be taking time away from your everyday life to delve deeply into what you really want and what you need to do to transform your life. We therefore encourage you to limit your contact with the outside world. Except in case of emergency, we encourage you to be as media-free as possible during the retreat, and give yourself fully to the work so that you may glean as much as possible from your time away.

How does the retreat end? What time should I plan for my departing flight?

After a final session on the morning of the seventh day, the vans start heading off to the airport. You’re safe with flights leaving 1 p.m. or later on the departure day.

What happens after the retreat?

At Ryzio, we want to ensure your complete success in achieving the full transformation you desire. To that end, your Ryzio Retreat is just the first step in our program that will help you deepen and maintain the experiences and skills you received during your retreat.

Throughout your entire Ryzio experience you will garner and cultivate a set of tools and resources to help you integrate and apply all you’ve learned. The remote portion following your retreat includes video conference calls, audio downloads, and materials to further deepen your experience. During this time you will also enjoy the benefit of on-going contact with Ryzio coaches and your colleagues.

When is the next session?