Ryzio Institute LLC
2022 Annual Report

Ryzio Institute is registered as a Benefit LLC in the state of Oregon. Ryzio provides transformational retreats, training, intensive counseling and consulting for individuals, organizations and families. Our mission is to support clients in transforming their lives so that they may develop and maintain satisfying relationships, maximize their leadership in meaningful work and increase their desire and capacity to give back to the communities, organizations and world in which they live.

Our innovative approach is based on bringing the latest neuroscience, mindfulness and epigenetics together with traditional and progressive healing practices. We integrate somatic principles, attachment therapy, early development, and trauma healing provided by professionals to guide self-exploration into how our internal and relational experiences have created the personal worlds in which we live.

Our Ryzio team brings many decades of experience in all aspects of development and delivery of therapeutic retreats. We have provided transformational experiences to many hundreds, if not thousands, of clients and have supervised the work of scores of coaches.


Moat Ryzio programs during 2022 were presented virtually using the Zoom platform. The effectiveness of the virtual personal work has been found to be equivalent to that done in-person in the past. In person groups took place located in Toronto, ON. The following summarizes the 2022 programs:

3-Day Experiences—Five 3-Day programs were presented with a total of 50 participants. This program introduces the scientific underpinnings of the personal processes in the Ryzio programs. It offers each participant the opportunity to explore a personal stumbling block. This insight shows what may be preventing their full potential.

Individual Coaching—Ryzio-trained coaches provided one-on-one sessions. Ryzio facilitates the administrative mechanism for these relationships.

Training Coaches—in-service training was conducted throughout the year for our coaches. Additionally, coaches were encouraged to participate in programs at no charge.

Ryzio Institute is not serving as many people as we would like. We intend to build a sustainable business to provide high quality service within a supportive and rewarding environment for staff and clients.


2023 program goals include five 3-Day Experiences, one 3-Month Experience and one Facilitator Training. We are working toward resuming more in-person retreats.

A non-profit arm of Ryzio supports program development for individuals seeking to optimize their potential and scholarships to support individuals who cannot otherwise afford programs designed to help them achieve their full potential.


Ryzio is run by Ken Bruer as CEO, Marti Glenn as Clinical Director, Diana Barrett as Administrative Director.

  • Ken Bruer, CEO with the sole final decision rights on all business elements
  • Marti Glenn, Clinical Director with the sole final decision rights on all clinical and program elements
  • Diana Barrett, Administrative Director & Logistics