The Ryzio Team

Under the guidance of Ken Bruer and Dr. Marti Glenn, the coaches at Ryzio have years of experience in personal transformation programs. Certified Ryzio Coaches are business leaders and therapists, teachers and entrepreneurs. All have undergone Ryzio’s training and all are committed to making each participant’s Ryzio journey a life-changing one.

Ryzio Directors

Marti Glenn

Dr. Marti Glenn

Marti Glenn, PhD is dedicated to helping people transform their lives! As co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of Ryzio Institute, she conducts professional trainings and intensive retreats internationally that make it possible for individuals to move beyond coping into thriving. Marti is particularly keen on crafting experiences and practices that develop the brain and nervous system and even change the trajectory of our DNA! Integrating the latest research in epigenetics, Polyvagal Theory, neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness, she and her team offer programs with experiences and practices to help participants live the lives they long for! She has discovered and delights in teaching the secret sauce that underlies all of this research: LOVE!

An award winning and pioneering professor and psychotherapist, Marti has served as founder and CEO of a number of successful companies and non-profit organizations over the past three decades. She is founding president of Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, known for its graduate degrees in somatic psychology, prenatal and perinatal psychology, and clinical psychology.

Marti has served on the boards of a number of national organizations and has chaired numerous international professional conferences.

She co-produced the broadcast quality documentary, Trauma, Brain and Relationship featuring Daniel Siegel and Bruce Perry and has appeared in a number of documentary films. Marti is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide. She lives in Santa Barbara, California and enjoys working with her husband, Ken. Outside of work, she delights in toe-tapping music festivals, creative projects and exploring with her grandchildren.

Ken Bruer

Ken Bruer helps people live the life they long for! As Co-Founder and CEO of Ryzio Institute, he uses mindfulness and poetry, along with skills acquired from management positions in a large national corporation, to take people from where they are to where they want to be.

The Ryzio personal transformation programs are supported by his experience in the successful operation of several profitable companies and organizations for public benefit over the last three decades. Ken was the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, known for its graduate degrees in somatic psychology, prenatal and perinatal psychology and clinical psychology.

After his successful business career spanning two decades, Ken became a licensed psychotherapist with a specialty of working with individuals in transition, couples and men’s groups. He integrates his extensive training in mindfulness, somatic psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and work in the men’s movement into his individual and group work. Over the past 25 years, Ken has facilitated professional trainings and personal growth workshops at Esalen Institute and other venues nationally and internationally.

Ken lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife, Marti, and delights in spending time amid the trees on his 3+ acres, helping his grandchildren build a tree house and reading, writing and collecting poetry.

Diana Barrett

Diana Barrett is dedicated to providing environments where people can change their lives. She brings three decades’ experience in creating and sustaining wellness and personal-growth programs. As co-founder and administrative director, her oversight and attention to detail creates a welcoming, safe and secure environment that allows both staff and participants to accomplish their goals.

Diana is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and holds advanced certification from the University of California at San Francisco. She has served on boards of several non-profit organizations. Of her many honors, she is proud to have been named “Citizen of the Year” by the Chamber of Commerce in her former home of Geyserville, California. She currently makes her home in Bellingham, Washington, and loves spending time with family, cooking, and solving puzzles.

Ryzio Coaches

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Bill Cole

In his personal transformation coaching practice Bill draws from the challenges of his own life, his life coach certification and his psychology degree from the University of Virginia. He enjoys supporting, coaching and mentoring individuals and facilitating group experiences, as well. Bill is a seasoned technology executive and is currently leading an effort to transform the landscape of corporate hiring practices as they relate to diversity and inclusion. He has two plus decades of business experience leading a wide range of organizations from Fortune 100 companies to start ups. Bill lives in San Jose, CA with two of his five sons and dog, Tyson, and enjoys time with his first grandson, family, friends, mindfulness, hiking and camping.

Cindy Henning

Prior to retiring from the U.S. Dept of Labor, Women’s Bureau, Cindy earned a MS in Human Resource Development and a BS in Psychology. Cindy is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) through Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI) and is continuing her training through Diane Poole Heller’s Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning Experience (DARe).

Cindy’s own spiritual development and dedication to transpersonal growth began when she chose the path of recovery over 36 years ago. That journey continues today, living in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina and while traveling for adventure in her van she lovingly calls “Bertha.”

David Warburg

With over 30 years of experience as a facilitator at psychologically grounded retreats, David brings a unique skill set to Ryzio Experiences. His entrepreneurial career focuses on working with professionals in government, healthcare, human service non-profits, small business owners, and publicly traded corporate environments. He holds a BS in Social Work and is a clinical hypnotherapist.

Debra Kinninger

Debra is passionate about the innate wisdom of the whole person and the wisdom present in the body, beyond the thinking mind, rich with possibilities for insights and health. She brings a foundational belief that everyone deserves deep respect, and has the birthright to feel seen, heard, and supported.

After a successful 20-year career as a physical therapist she studied clinical psychology with a somatic emphasis. Her interests include cross-cultural wisdom practices, trauma resolution, and transformational relationship processes that open us, though the felt sense, to a greater awareness of loving oneself, which then naturally expands out into our families and communities.

Debra also works with processes to improve well-being including spirituality, empathy, inclusivity, diversity and food as medicine.

She enjoys walking with her dog, Makani, in the Rocky Mountains outside of Taos, NM, where she currently resides, or on the Big Island of Hawaii which she also calls home.

Gerrard Schmid

Gerrard is the CEO of a large multi-national corporation operating in over 60 countries. He has a long track record in transforming technology focused companies and has drawn on his failures and successes in his professional and personal journey to help transform his own approach to life, relationships and leadership. While his educational background is in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering, he has a deep-seated passion for connecting authentically with others, and for helping them connect authentically with themselves and others. Gerrard volunteers as a Ryzio coach and brings a complementary perspective to the broader Ryzio team. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife, Linda, their kids and dog Bella.

Ian Warburg

With an international business career spanning more than thirty years as a senior executive in an investment and management company, and master’s degrees in organizational development and marriage and family therapy, Ian brings a rich and informed perspective to all he does. Fascinated by people, and passionate about making the right kind of difference in their lives, Ian delights in the power of intensive experiences, and in providing therapeutically informed coaching.

Ian lives in Connecticut with his wife and their blended family of six children, six chickens, five cats and two dogs. In addition to his work as a therapeutically informed coach, Ian serves on the boards of the Aquaya Institute and Save Westport Now, as their board chairs, and remains active in a number of business ventures. Ian loves being a stranger in strange lands, spirited driving, alpine skiing, boating, good books, and enjoying time with wonderful friends.

Joanne Thomsen

Some of Joanne’s greatest joys comes from helping people live more fulfilling lives and watching them grow. She is passionate about helping organizations, teams and individuals realize their potential. Joanne is a seasoned HR professional with experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. She completed trainings in coaching and leadership through the Co-Active Training Institute and is currently training in relational somatic therapy. Joanne currently serves as Knixwear Inc.’s Chief People Officer, having previously spent ten years as VP, Talent, helping build the MaRS Discovery District’s Innovation platform. She has led many experiential leadership programs and worked in HR leadership roles in the financial services sector across multiple lines of business. Joanne lives in Toronto with her partner and blended family of 6 amazing kids. She loves being outdoors, hanging with family and friends, staying healthy, cooking (and eating!) and watching some of the incredible series on Netflix!

Regina Gleason

Regina is a passionate supporter of others through life’s challenges, large or small. Being curious, she is deeply aware, empathetic, and loves connecting authentically. Combining education and life experiences she supports others to expand their perspective, realize their potential while respecting their individual journey.

She brings many skills acquired from raising four inspiring and independent children. While educating her children she fed her passion for service by providing learning opportunities to homeschool families.

Regina is an energetic, creative, entrepreneur, and mentor. As a Certified Coach, she supports individuals in transition, with a specialty in issues of relationship, parenting, addiction, loss, and change. A non-profit board veteran, she currently serves on the board of Nurse Family Partnership, an organization supporting mothers to reach their full potential.

She lives in and helps others experience the satisfaction of knowing every day you are doing what you are called to do.

Carly Joynt

Carly is an Integrative Counselor from the wild woods of Ontario, Canada. A student of both Existential Psychotherapy and Ecology, her passion is to help others connect to their true nature. Carly brings over a decade of mentoring experience guiding others in wilderness settings to her work as a Somatic Coach. She finds there is a lot of overlap between experiencing a personal edge on a rugged landscape and meeting the challenges of becoming who we are destined to be. Transformation isn’t easy, but it sure is worth it.

Kevin Lotti

Kevin is passionate about connecting with others through heart centered transformational work. His many years of experience as a facilitator and teacher in personal development programs is supported by his BA in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. Kevin is a Senior Vice President and Wealth Management Consultant at Cohen & Steers Capital Management with over 25 years of experience and proven results in Financial Services. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Marjorie and 2-year-old daughter, Katherine. He loves being a new dad and playing ice hockey.

Lisa Messina

Lisa is passionate about guiding and supporting others to uncover limiting beliefs and shift out-of-date emotional and physical patterns. She empowers others to approach life with openness, wonder, and joy. She is an insightful, empathic, studious, and profoundly compassionate teacher and coach. She has been offering private sessions, group classes, workshops, retreats, and training since 2005. Her group and private coaching sessions offer a heart-centered, holistic approach to realizing the greatest expression of yourself. She draws from a range of complementary disciplines and techniques and integrates ancient, spiritual traditions with progressive research in body-based healing and somatic therapies. Lisa is a body-centered coach who holds many certifications including Yoga Instructor and Teacher Training/Education (E-RYT 500 & YACEP), Pilates Instructor, Mobility Specialist (FRCms), and Certified Ryzio Coach. Lisa lives in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

Mary Thomson

Mary Thomson is dedicated to helping create and leverage resources to solve community issues at the ground level. She has worked with nonprofit organizations for over 20 years supporting them to fulfill their mission and is currently engaged in philanthropy. Mary has also worked in state and local government and has supported hundreds of community stakeholders to impact and empower her community. Mary holds a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University and is based in Phoenix. She is also a Yoga instructor and regular meditator. She loves traveling, cooking healthy food, supporting the arts, and spending time with her family and large circle of friends.

Natasha Senra-Pereira

Natasha is a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist and author; she is passionate about a life of service and connection. Her own path of learning and experience has been driven by the newest research and neuroscience. For the past 15 years, Natasha has worked in Canada’s largest mental health hospital and maintained a private practice. Her career is devoted to supporting those ready to move through and out of their current circumstances and into more dynamic and vibrant lives. She has been specifically drawn to supporting those who walk the most challenging paths, working in forensics, complex trauma and crisis teams. Natasha has degrees in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She has further advanced trainings in numerous modalities including somatic psychotherapy and EMDR. She lives in Toronto with her magically adorable sons, raising them in the pulse of downtown city life.


Rye Kennedy

Rye loves helping people realize their potential. He is a voracious reader about new curiosities and enjoys inventing. Professionally, Rye is an engineer, specializing in the integration of renewable energy systems into power systems. Over the past several years his work has taken him to Bristol, England, where he lived and worked for a year, as well as Japan, China, and South Korea. As Rye began to do his own personal transformational work, he was drawn to helping others thrive, as well. In 2013 he began training as a personal coach and group facilitator. Rye considers his role as a Ryzio coach to be some of his most rewarding and important work. He lives in Wichita, KS with his wife Sara and their daughter, Astra.

Suze Faull

Suze has been captivated with human potential and with living an authentic, meaningful life since she began this work in 1995. She continues to experience that we are powerful beyond what we can currently imagine and is dedicated to helping herself and others to reach their full potential. She has a business background in corporate culture transformation. Her work helps clients increase business performance by unlocking the human potential within their organizations. She specializes in the facilitation of experiential workshops that shift mindsets and behaviors, expanding employee capabilities and interrelation skills. She works as an executive coach to embed the transformation and usher the new skills and tools towards sustainable change. She is an Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed, ADLER trained, ICF certified coach and NGH certified Consulting Hypnotist. She also has certifications in Human Synergistics, Communications Clearing, Voice Dialogue and Core Belief Engineering.

Tom Eddington

Over the last three decades Tom has served as businessman, executive coach, consultant, entrepreneur, educator and strategic advisor. He has lived, worked and studied on six continents, working with leaders across all industry sectors and organization stages of development. Tom works with Board Members and Senior Executives at dozens of organizations leading Board and Executive Retreats, providing executive coaching, facilitating leadership team meetings, and providing team building services. He has sat on over a dozen Boards and is currently serving as a Board Member to several organizations. Tom is a pragmatic optimist, driven by intellectual curiosity. He holds BA degrees in Business and Psychology and an MS degree in Organization Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, he has been an adjunct professor in the City University (London) MBA program and graduate school guest lecturer at San Francisco State, John F. Kennedy, Sonoma State and Meridian Universities.

Jane Thibodeau

Jane is a movement and mindfulness instructor and an international guide. She’s taken hundreds of people to India and Latin America on spiritual retreats and service trips. She has a particular interest in facilitating cultural immersion and exploring culture through cuisine. Several years ago, Jane started exploring somatic therapies for her own personal growth, which eventually led to her to study with the late Michael Sieck and Jeffrey Turner (founders of The Three Fold Way). Later, she found her way to Ryzio, which deepened her passion for body-based healing and led to her training to become a Certified Ryzio Coach. Jane is currently studying to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. In her free time, she enjoys growing her own food, dancing salsa, and paddle boarding with her nephews.