The Ryzio Approach

Here’s a bit more information about Ryzio Institute

Ryzio Institute offers a highly experiential, integrative approach to healing and wellness and works in close partnership with individuals, families, groups and corporations.

Our retreats are for those facing a variety of challenges—burnout, anxiety, addiction, anything compromising your personal and professional effectiveness—or anyone just looking for more satisfaction in their work, their relationships, and their lives.

We also provide comprehensive consulting services to companies that want to introduce concepts of mindfulness and well-being to their workforces.

In all of our offerings, we bring the latest research together with leading-edge practices provided by skilled professionals. Our work is informed by research from divergent fields such as neuroscience, mindfulness, epigenetics and trauma.

What happens at the Ryzio retreat?

A Ryzio seven-day retreat is a safe and comfortable setting during which you are guided through a variety of processes and modalities that will help you better understand your life—and begin to learn practices that will help you achieve the life you long for. With gentle support from your personal coach, you will have the opportunity to delve deeply into your desires and the roadblocks to achieving your goals.

With our support, you will explore how your internal and relational experiences have created the personal worlds you live in. Like most of us, when faced with problems, you come up with workarounds, or just cope. We help you move beyond coping practices to engender experiences of true healing. This leads to a lifetime of more meaningful relationships, greater creativity and deeper satisfaction.

At a Ryzio Retreat, there is time for self-care as well as time to reflect and integrate what you are learning. You will leave with an expanded sense of your true gifts, your capacity for greater creativity and fulfilling relationships, and deeper satisfaction in every area of your life. You will also return home with a personal toolkit of connections, processes and practices to help you integrate the life-changing experiences you’ve had and make them an everyday reality in your new life.

I had reached what I thought was the pinnacle of my career and all the things I longed for: challenging work, good family, friends and vacation homes. But I felt empty. At the retreat with Marti and Ken I finally understood the obstacles that were preventing me from feeling alive in my life.

My relationship with my family is much improved and I actually feel happy. This retreat was a great investment in myself.

– L. Merced, investment banker, New York