Overlooked Blessings

Sometimes I can become so focused on one thing, like a voice in my head, that I lose track of everything else. There are circumstances where this can be useful, and yet, taken to the extreme, the cost can be high. Living in my head, I send a message to those around me that they are not as important as the project I’m focusing on. I can miss a golden opportunity to show someone how important they are in my life. When I’m able to expand my attention to the entire situation I’m part of, everyone wins.

If I’m allowing my head/mind to distract with judgement of myself or others, my heart feels disconnected. I see the glass as half empty, I notice more of what I don’t like. When I’m able to stay aware of my body and its many sensations, I keep my life in perspective. I establish priorities that deliver a clear and loving message to those in my life. I communicate with both words and action just how important they are to me.

As this poem emerged, I began to see it as a wake-up call to do my best to be present in each moment, especially when I’m engaged in an interesting and/or important interchange.

I encourage you to slow down, take a nice deep breath and release it slowly. Read or listen to the poem twice and notice what you notice. See if you can be gentle with yourself regardless of what you discover. You, like all of us, deserve the compassion.

Overlooked Blessings by Ken Bruer from Ryzio Institute on Vimeo.

Overlooked Blessings

Focused on my resolutions for the new year

I inwardly criticize myself for slow progress.

While meeting an old friend to share our lives

I only half hear my friend share joy.


Sitting by the ocean I hardly notice dolphins dancing in the surf.

How often do my thoughts separate me from my life?

Surrounded by beauty, I focus on what is missing.

Today I miss the opportunity to celebrate with my friend.


© Ken Bruer
January 2020