3-Hour: Leadership Development

This program is available as a private Experience for a group of any size, virtually or in person. Let us know your wishes and we will design a program specifically to fit your needs.

Are you ready to step into your personal power, bring forth your gifts and be the light that you are?

Realize what is possible for you and your cohorts! In this 3-hour process, join fellow travelers ready to align themselves with purpose and experience more love and meaningful connection. You will learn what has held you back and some specific science-based tools to help you calm your nervous system and connect more fully with your True Self. This allows you to ignite your power and tap into love.

Benefits of the 3-Hour: Leadership Development Experience

 Discover Possibility

  • Understand what it takes to move from coping to thriving 
  • Explore the science behind creating deeper connections and resilience 
  • Gain tools for your journey toward a more fulfilling life 

Experience Safety

  • Feel welcome, seen, and heard
  • Deepen your mindfulness practice
  • Have compassion for yourself and others


  • Get the full fee for this program as a credit toward Ryzio’s 3-Day Activate Your Potential Experience or 6-Month Embodied Leadership Experience.

This safe and enlightening program is a great starting place for the life-changing work offered at Ryzio. 

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We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you in Love!

Being real and honest, I feel less pressure, more authentic and more creative. The practices to help calm and grow the nervous system are really working!

— Brooks H., Ottawa, Canada