Foundations for Leadership Success

Retaining top talent and inspiring greater performance

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Helping Companies Build Positive and Productive Leaders and Teams

Ryzio supports companies and their leaders to empower and retain top talent, inspire teams to greater performance and boost business results.

What Makes Ryzio Different?

We use the word “mindfulness” but what we’re really talking about is being a great leader and helping your team members to become great leaders. We’re talking about harnessing negative energy and turning it into positive energy.

“ Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? "

~ Mary Oliver

The Pressure on Leaders Is Always High

Most professionals are pressured, always ‘on’, and experience information overload. Studies show that we spend 53% of our work time with our mind on task, during which we’re mindful, in control, resilient, engaged and creative. The same studies show that 47% of our time is spent distracted, stressed and disengaged.

Creating Great Teams with Positive Mindset

We help you to employ positive action and positive thought, significantly increasing the amount of mindful work-time. We help you to remove ‘venting’ and encourage self-reflection, to remove unproductive thought patterns and disruptive behavior in favor of taking enthusiastic and energetic responsibility for people and performance.

“Ryzio: Foundations for Life & Platform for Success”

The Supporting Staff Members of the Ryzio Foundations for Leadership Program

Marti Glenn

Pioneering psychotherapist, educator, and trainer specializing in applications of neuroscience and behavioral epigenetics.

Ken Bruer

Psychotherapist specializing in working with individuals in transition.

Diana Barrett

Administrative oversight and coordination of personal-growth retreats.

Jaime Stein

Psychotherapist with two decades of experience creating change in organizations.

Sherry Cameron

International entrepreneur and business woman with a Masters in Applied Psychology.

Emily Berman

Somatic psychotherapist with integrated mind-body approach.

About The Ryzio Program

Supporting Leaders for Peak Performance

Everybody, from professional athletes to successful business leaders, faces challenges. Anxiety, frustration, transition and change can dramatically inhibit motivation and curb enthusiasm. And yet, if your company is like most, your solution to this problem is to introduce another employee engagement survey or some other time-consuming, drama-inducing and dollar-sucking initiative. It’s time to stop creating drama and start building great leaders and great outcomes in your organization.

Ryzio – For Leaders, People Developers and Talent Managers

Ryzio offers an experiential program that drives self-knowledge and deeper connections with others. We help you improve in your responses to stressful situations, to move past conflict, to improve your mental processes and to be more balanced, more positive and less susceptible to negativity.

A Personalized Approach to Counseling and Performance Coaching.

Our nervous system plays a major role in shaping everyday life and functions. Stress and anxiety occur when levels of neurotransmitters (cortisol, adrenaline, serotonin, etc.) become out of balance. Science has proven that it takes 62 days to grow new connections in the brain—or 62 days to alter or balance the way your brain and body respond to specific situations.

Using this critical timeframe as a model for generating lasting change, the Ryzio program offers 65 days of support. The program begins with a week-long retreat where we help you identify and understand situations in which you want to adjust your response mechanism. During 8 weeks of follow-on coaching (done remotely) we support your continued progress in managing your brain-body responses, ultimately creating more balance and greater life satisfaction.

Our Clients and Their Success

Over the past 25 years, the Ryzio team has counseled some of the most successful individuals and teams in the world.

We work with:
  • Corporate Executives
  • Professional Athletes
  • Coaches, Counselors, and Psychologists
  • Health Care and First Responders
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Corporate Leadership Trainers and Corporate Change Agents
  • Actors, Entertainers and Studio Professionals
  • Government Agency Teams and Leaders
  • Individuals looking to change and live life to the fullest